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PC Won’t Start

Is your computer all dead?  Or it just not booting up? Contact us today and book a free diagnostic. Our expert technician will visit your place and check all parts and operating system to analyze the problem and the cost of repair.

My computer is all dead!

When your computer is not starting at all then it might be because of a failed power supply, battery, charger or RAM. Also, there are chances of motherboard failure, laptop DC jack or any other critical failure. We cover all the issues and deliver a free diagnosis so check the issue.

My PC starts but the window doesn’t load:

In cases like this could be much easier as it could be a logical issue such as window corruption, software failure, BIOS Failure or a virus attack. In hardware cases, there is a chance where your hard drive might’ve damaged.

The laptop starts, but the screen doesn’t:

Scenarios like this are normally screen issues. We keep all laptop screens and parts in stock for situations like this. Other than screen repair it can be the invertor, video connector cable or even a VGA chip issue.

What to do when the computer doesn’t start?

  1. Stay Calm, it might be an easy repair. Check for the AC adapter first if it is plugged in properly, it might’ve just been loose.
  2. Try changing the power outlet, plug it in another port.
  3. Try switching it on again by pressing the power button.
  4. If none of these work then bring your faulty computer to our Dubai service center and get a free diagnosis report.



PC / Windows Laptop Won’t Start Repair Costs:

Charger / Power Supply Replacement
Dhs90 – Dhs325
Operating System Issue
Dhs150 – Dhs250
RAM Replacement
Dhs100 + Parts
Hard Drive / Motherboard Replacement
Dhs225 + Parts