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PC Shuts Off /Overheats


PC shut off suddenly? Is it getting very hot? That normally means it’s overheating. Our Guardianz computer specialists can easily determine the issue and give you a perfect solution.

Common overheating or shutting off symptoms we support:

  • Faulty laptop fan
  • Overheating motherboard chips
  • Congested Heat sink/Vent
  • Outer casing gets too hot
  • Too much Dust / Debris
  • Power surge
  • Failing component
  • Computer crashes on its own

What services does Guardianz provide on overheating computer issues?

  1. A full analysis of your computer to confirm which part is causing the computer to overheat.
  2. A very cheap and convenient quote for you to approve the repair.
  3. A quick overheating computer repair in just 1-2 days.
  4. A warranty of 60 days to make sure your satisfaction.


PC Shuts Off / Overheats
Dhs150 – Dhs275 + Parts