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PC Runs Loud and Noisy

Just like any other electronic equipment, your computer needs tuning and maintenance or it will become slower and create problems. Precaution is better than cure so get a professional PC tune-up service. It takes very little time to tune-up your computer and makes it work like a new one.

  • PC tune service includes:
  • Start-up program clean-up
  • Virus and Malware cleaning
  • Error checking for future issues
  • Optimization of PC performance
  • Physical cleaning
  • Registry and software misconfiguration and cleaning
  • Tips to get the best out of your system.

What do I get for a PC tune up?

  • Faster boot up process- Once we remove and clean the startup items your PC will boot faster than ever.
  • Faster Internet – We will scan and clean all malicious programs or browser plugins and spyware scripts. It will fasten your Internet browsing speed.
  • If you have spyware installed or running in the background then will clean it up.
  • Registry clean up – As time passes the programs you use may leave unnecessary files and registries may conflict with other programs. We will make sure that doesn’t happen and runs smoothly.
  • Virus checks – Got a virus warning? We will analyze and scan your whole system for viruses, malware, Trojans and back doors and clean it up. In addition, we will install a complimentary anti-virus program for future virus protection.
  • Hard drive check – We will ensure that you don’t have any bad sectors on your hard drive and its working fine. Bad sectors can lead a complete operating system failure.


PC runs loud and noisy
Dhs150 – Dhs275