• Sat - Thu 9am - 7pm

Set Up New PC

Got a new computer? Need help setting it up? Keep your computer box packed and leave it to us. We will make sure it’s up and running with all your programs and emails configured. We can also move the data from your old PC to new one and also give you a good tutorial to get started with your new computer.

New Computer set-up in Dubai offers:

  • Data migration from old Computer and backups
  • New network setup and email and internet setup
  • Programs installation and configurations
  • Checking if firewall and antivirus are updated and secured
  • Windows updates
  • Tutorial about how to get started

Prefer to have a house call or office visit?

If you are busy and can’t make it to our place then book an appointment and one of our skilled technicians will visit your place and setup your new computer for you. You might have a Desktop PC with different modifications you may like to set it up at your home/office. Our tech expert will come to you and setup your new computer the way you need. We will transfer all your old data and connect all your printer, fax, email and other peripherals.

Setup New PC
Dhs150 – Dhs225