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PC physical damage repair

We drop things daily. And your laptop may fall down or just flip the table. We never plan such things, but Guardianz is always ready to analyze and repair your computer at very convenient pricing.

Computer physical damage we support:

  • Broken laptop screens
  • Broken hinges
  • Broken Laptop casings
  • Jammed power buttons or keyboard keys
  • DVD writer repairs
  • Hard drive repair
  • Broken bezels/connectors
  • Water damage keyboards and touchpad

PC Crashed? Or Fell down? On its last legs?

Whatever is the reason, we are not here to judge. We fix without asking questions. Your laptop hinge might be on its last breath or casing might be damaged. We make miracles happen here at guardianz. We suggest not to ignore a small damage in your computer because small part damage can lead to major damages. So precaution is always better than cure!


PC physical damage repair
Dhs150 – Dhs300 + parts